B2B Blogging Meets Personality!

Featured below is a quick post I created celebrating Chrysalis | BTS first physical office in Kirkland, Washington.   Continue reading

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B2B Blogging Revisited


Featured below is a quick post I created celebrating Chrysalis | BTS first physical office in Kirkland, Washington.  Image


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Back in the Pool

It’s been awhile, since I have blogged and it’s time to loose the water-wings and take a plunge back into the deep end. Let’s hope the life guard isn’t watching. Since, taking some time off from this mistress, I have been a one man marketing department for a home brewing company, been laid off, interned at kick-ass non profit gaining more experience in social and logged some serious gym time. 

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Xylophones and Cell Phones

I was captivated by the new commercial released by NTT DOCOMO, a Japanese cell phone company, to promote the release of their new Touch Wood SH-08C phone. Now don’t get me wrong I am not a fan of the phone itself. At risk of sounding dramatic, the phone looks like the over-sized kidney of a chicken injected with steroids and then covered in recycled wood. However, the commercial in itself is mesmerizing.

The idea to set up a Rube Goldberg Machine in the forest that functions as a xylophone, is awe inspiring. By constructing what is essentially a giant xylophone spanning a hill in the middle of the woods, the commercial leaves viewers with idea that xylophone is in perfect harmony with nature. Think peaceful mountain stream running through the woods, only instead it’s a giant xylophone. The melodic sound from the xylophone is almost as captivating as a gurgling brook shown.  Only after roughly two minutes of serenity does the phone appear at the bottom hill.

Whether this commercial was  an intentional response to the recent study that cell phones are in someway responsible for disappearance of bees or not it is excellent. The commercial captivates audience’s attention and subtly suggests reconnecting with the natural world through a digital device. Semi-ironic but a great commercial nonetheless.

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Shakin Up the Cha Dao Page

Maybe it was the Red Bull or maybe  it was the fact that I felt like shaking up the strategy, I have adopted in my efforts to engage the Facebook followers on Cha Dao Teas page, but on Wednesday I decided to ask our followers what their favorite flavor of tea was as a mid-week pick-me-up. It was great for me to see the number of responses generated from this question.

In an effort to solicit a higher response rate I was sure to include my personal favorite flavor, Oolong as a means getting people to think about their own favorite. This post differs from my usual posts, which consist of subtly suggesting how our tea can be incorporated into our follower’s day-to-day routines. For example, suggesting a brisk walk to the nearest Whole Foods on lunch break to pick up a bottle of our (insert witty adjective & flavor) tea.

After managing Cha Dao’s Facebook Page for more than a year I have realized that the ideal time to make a post on a weekday is between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 AM. This really didn’t make sense to me…  until I started my first real job in an office cubicle and would find myself taking a mid-morning break to check my Facebook news feed.

As a result, I will be sure to include more posts aimed at having a two way conversation with our followers. If any of  Cha Dao’s Facebook followers stumble across this post thanks for the support. Feel free to check out our fan page at http://www.facebook.com/#!/ChaDaoTea

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Fatherhood and Google Chrome

Google’s Sophie Lee Commercial does an excellent job of highlighting the different features of Google’s Chrome Suite, in an unconventional manner. Instead of showcasing how the features of Chrome could be used to improve user productivity. Google infers that the Chrome Suit can be used to bridge the gap between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, a Digital Immigrant refers to those who grew up in a world without Internet and have had to adapt life with the web. While the term Digital Native refers to those who grew up with the Internet their entire life. For more information on the concepts of digital citizenship, click here.

The commercial brilliantly highlights the features of Chrome including email, picture messaging, maps and videos, by showing the father using these features to capture the precious milestones in his daughter’s life and essentially build a digital scrap book. Whether you love Google or hate them, you have to give them props for this commercial. Showcasing the features of Chrome as a means of essentially creating a digital bridge between  father (Digital Immigrant) and daughter (Digital Native), while  at the same time solidifying the diverse  functionality Chrome offers users, by establishing an emotional connection.

What are your thoughts on this commercial?

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Birthday Cake and Sprint

I was particularly impressed with Sprint’s Wish Veatrice Henson a Happy Birthday campaign to promote their unlimited phone, text and data plan. The foundation of the campaign is centered on wishing this woman who has enjoyed a hundred years of life a happy birthday, via email, phone or text. The idea of connecting with consumers’ emotions surrounding matriarchal figures in their own lives to promote their unlimited plan is genius.

At risk of sounding likes a momma’s boy most people get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they think about their own grandmother or the friendly old women who lived next-store during childhood. By connecting with the positive emotions surrounding kind older women in the consumer’s life they are appealing to audiences across all age groups to generate content with a call, email or text to offer Veatrice their birthday wishes… And ultimately sign up for Sprint’s unlimited plan.

Now I am sure that there will most certainly be a group of seven year olds, who will be having a sleep over and see this commercial and decided to make a prank call. However, I still agree with Sprints decision to include the option of using the phone to wish Veatrice well. Because I think that a larger audience of people will be able to participate and thus generate a larger response. Furthermore, the decision is meant to solidify in consumers minds that by enrolling in Sprint’s unlimited plan that they don’t have to worry about their data usage  and instead, they can take two minutes out of their day to wish a woman who has seen  World War Two and 15 presidents in office a happy birthday.

Warm feelings and birthday cake aside, this campaign also offers the creators a chance to effectively evaluate the ultimate success through rock solid metrics including texts, calls and emails generated. As well as the number of viewers who choose to enroll in Sprint’s unlimited plan after seeing the campaign. Way to take the high road Sprint and create a campaign that celebrates life and avoids attacking your competitors. This is high praise coming from a guy who wrote this on his MacBook while tweeting on his Iphone.

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