Birthday Cake and Sprint

I was particularly impressed with Sprint’s Wish Veatrice Henson a Happy Birthday campaign to promote their unlimited phone, text and data plan. The foundation of the campaign is centered on wishing this woman who has enjoyed a hundred years of life a happy birthday, via email, phone or text. The idea of connecting with consumers’ emotions surrounding matriarchal figures in their own lives to promote their unlimited plan is genius.

At risk of sounding likes a momma’s boy most people get a warm and fuzzy feeling when they think about their own grandmother or the friendly old women who lived next-store during childhood. By connecting with the positive emotions surrounding kind older women in the consumer’s life they are appealing to audiences across all age groups to generate content with a call, email or text to offer Veatrice their birthday wishes… And ultimately sign up for Sprint’s unlimited plan.

Now I am sure that there will most certainly be a group of seven year olds, who will be having a sleep over and see this commercial and decided to make a prank call. However, I still agree with Sprints decision to include the option of using the phone to wish Veatrice well. Because I think that a larger audience of people will be able to participate and thus generate a larger response. Furthermore, the decision is meant to solidify in consumers minds that by enrolling in Sprint’s unlimited plan that they don’t have to worry about their data usage  and instead, they can take two minutes out of their day to wish a woman who has seen  World War Two and 15 presidents in office a happy birthday.

Warm feelings and birthday cake aside, this campaign also offers the creators a chance to effectively evaluate the ultimate success through rock solid metrics including texts, calls and emails generated. As well as the number of viewers who choose to enroll in Sprint’s unlimited plan after seeing the campaign. Way to take the high road Sprint and create a campaign that celebrates life and avoids attacking your competitors. This is high praise coming from a guy who wrote this on his MacBook while tweeting on his Iphone.


About Death of the Billboard

My name is Matthew Forsyth and I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Marketing. I would describe myself as a creative thinker who is passionate about social media and creative marketing.
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