Fatherhood and Google Chrome

Google’s Sophie Lee Commercial does an excellent job of highlighting the different features of Google’s Chrome Suite, in an unconventional manner. Instead of showcasing how the features of Chrome could be used to improve user productivity. Google infers that the Chrome Suit can be used to bridge the gap between Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives. For those unfamiliar with this terminology, a Digital Immigrant refers to those who grew up in a world without Internet and have had to adapt life with the web. While the term Digital Native refers to those who grew up with the Internet their entire life. For more information on the concepts of digital citizenship, click here.

The commercial brilliantly highlights the features of Chrome including email, picture messaging, maps and videos, by showing the father using these features to capture the precious milestones in his daughter’s life and essentially build a digital scrap book. Whether you love Google or hate them, you have to give them props for this commercial. Showcasing the features of Chrome as a means of essentially creating a digital bridge between  father (Digital Immigrant) and daughter (Digital Native), while  at the same time solidifying the diverse  functionality Chrome offers users, by establishing an emotional connection.

What are your thoughts on this commercial?


About Death of the Billboard

My name is Matthew Forsyth and I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Marketing. I would describe myself as a creative thinker who is passionate about social media and creative marketing.
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