Shakin Up the Cha Dao Page

Maybe it was the Red Bull or maybe  it was the fact that I felt like shaking up the strategy, I have adopted in my efforts to engage the Facebook followers on Cha Dao Teas page, but on Wednesday I decided to ask our followers what their favorite flavor of tea was as a mid-week pick-me-up. It was great for me to see the number of responses generated from this question.

In an effort to solicit a higher response rate I was sure to include my personal favorite flavor, Oolong as a means getting people to think about their own favorite. This post differs from my usual posts, which consist of subtly suggesting how our tea can be incorporated into our follower’s day-to-day routines. For example, suggesting a brisk walk to the nearest Whole Foods on lunch break to pick up a bottle of our (insert witty adjective & flavor) tea.

After managing Cha Dao’s Facebook Page for more than a year I have realized that the ideal time to make a post on a weekday is between the hours of 9:30 and 10:30 AM. This really didn’t make sense to me…  until I started my first real job in an office cubicle and would find myself taking a mid-morning break to check my Facebook news feed.

As a result, I will be sure to include more posts aimed at having a two way conversation with our followers. If any of  Cha Dao’s Facebook followers stumble across this post thanks for the support. Feel free to check out our fan page at!/ChaDaoTea


About Death of the Billboard

My name is Matthew Forsyth and I graduated from Pacific Lutheran University with a degree in Marketing. I would describe myself as a creative thinker who is passionate about social media and creative marketing.
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